OSK Interskate 2017

March 4th to 5th, Grünerhallen, Oslo

Vi ønsker alle løpere, trenere, foreldre og dommere velkommen til Interskate i Grünerhallen!

IMG_5792 Photo: Ella Sofia Roll-Lund IMG_5864 Photo: Ella Sofia Roll-Lund

IMG_5892 Photo: Ella Sofia Roll-Lund IMG_6064 Photo: Ella Sofia Roll-Lund

Interskate 39. Foto: Gunvor Bay Interskate 74. Foto: Gunvor Bay Interskate 84. Foto: Gunvor Bay

Flere bilder her: https://flic.kr/s/aHskS1n3po


Oslo Skøiteklub has the pleasure to invite you to OSK Interskate 2017:

  • ● An international competition that is open to all clubs
  • ● Prizes both for overall performance as well as in different categories
  • ● “After Skate” party in Grünerhallen after the end of Saturday's competition with prize giving, food, drinks and mingling
  • ● Participants get a lovely “competition jacket”
  • ● The competition will be streamed live and the results will be updated on RinkResults

The competition and the accreditation will be held in Grünerhallen, Oslo.

Date: 4th (Saturday) to 5th (Sunday) March

Time: Saturday and Sunday 09:00 AM

Address: Seilduksgt. 30, 0553 Oslo

Website: www.oslosk.no


Photo album from last year's competition:


IMG_7403 IMG_8593

IMG_8803 IMG_7090